My name is Lexi Marie Alhagat and I live a crazy, hectic, stressful life. I grew up in a small town in the middle of Wisconsin near the Fox Cities (so basically towards the top of that big old lake in the center of the state). After graduation, I attended 4 years of undergrad at a university nearby home. This is where the majority of my foolish stories originate (you’ll understand what I’m talking about later). After undergrad I then attended one of the most well known optometry schools in the Midwest. What’s an optometry school you ask? It’s where I’m learned to become the best eye doctor I can be. Before reading about any of my adventures I urge you to read the disclaimer on my blog. No, my name isn’t really Lexi (actually, I don’t even know a Lexi). Nothing in this blog is true; however it is based on the truth of my life. At some point many will probably figure out who I really am which is fine, but for now I hope to remain a mystery. If you find a character that you think is based off of yourself, it might be, but not entirely. Nobody in this story is portrayed entirely accurate, so don’t take offense. (I mean, I have to write something everyone will hopefully want to read… right?!?) This blog is experimental as well. You want to hear more about something? Tell me. I am writing this blog as a journal so if I reference something that has not been made clear, please let me know! I’m going to start right where I am in life now and hopefully fill you in on my past as certain characters make appearances in my life. Let’s start with last weekend.

Last weekend began after I got out of work at 12:30. I work in a paper mill nearby where I grew up. After work I had lunch plans with Macy (a really great friend who started out as my bowling captain in my undergrad). I bowled with Macy on a collegiate bowling team where we would compete against many other colleges across the state (and a few outside the state). Macy and I during my junior year also used to attend frat parties together at the Sig Pi house. I met some of my best friends during those drunken nights before I turned 21. Macy graduated a year before me, but we still remained really close. In fact, I’m standing up as a bridesmaid in her wedding in about 2 months time! She’s successful as a highschool math teacher and really has her life together. Out of all my friends I must say she definitely makes me jealous. She has found the love of her life and her dream job (not easy when you’re only 23!). Macy and I went out to eat and had my favorite restaurant (Chili’s!) and got to catch up, wish this would happen more often with her! After lunch I picked up my Dad from work and we rode home together. I got home just in time to shower and get ready to go out in Oshkosh with another friend from bowling, Paige.

Paige is something else. I met her my sophomore year of undergrad and to this day consider her one of my best friends. Between bowling together, partying together, and those late night talks where one of us got a little bit too emotional at the bar… I don’t think we will ever stop talking. When her and Elijah broke up two years ago after being together for nearly 6 years, Paige and I just became closer. For a little while there we would go out to the bars every night of the week (bad, I know… but hey! It was my last semester of undergrad!). We have so many memories and stories I don’t even think I could explain them all. I would be writing a novel just on those 3 months… that is what I remember of them. I’m sure they will pop up eventually. Paige and I decided we were going out, but none of our other friends were in town or wanted to go out. How do we know? We both texted every single person we could think of while we were sitting on her bed with Casper (her pet yorkie we picked up together about a year and a half previously). Oh well… guess it was just us again! It’s almost better that way anyways… we tend to have more fun and less drama without all of our other friends coming out with us. The night began by some African American man asking us as we walked to Main Street where all the good bars are and where we were headed because he “wanted to buy us some drinks”. Too funny. We told him where we were going, but he never ended up showing up… so sad. Reminded me of the one night we were out at a campus bar and some 50 year old guy was buying us both a bunch of shots because I had never tried any of them before… classic. At the first bar, where we were drinking dollar beers pretty fast because then we could get drunk cheap, we had a real funny moment when we were on facebook looking at her roommate’s (another one of my friends I met through bowling) photos she posts.

Our friend posts these mirror photos which are just priceless. She can actually look really good and she’s definitely skinny, but her mirror photos need some work. Her smile is crooked, her mirrors (and room) are usually dirty, and the best of all are the outfits she wears. There is one photo of her in a Christmas sleeper I just wish I could post for you to see. Imagine a sleeper like babies wear on a full grown woman, that’s tall and skinny, and a crooked smile. I can’t even describe the hilarity of it… in fact I’m laughing right now just thinking about it. I mean, I must admit, I too have taken mirror photos… embarrassing. The fact of the matter is that if you don’t look good you don’t post it to facebook!!! Just retake the photo… duh.

Eventually we decided to go to a different bar which was having a beach themed party, let’s just say that was a mistake. We get there and first off the bathroom sinks are way too fancy for a little bar in Oshkosh. They were like the round bowl ones that stick up from the countertop, if you know what I mean. And then we go to the back bar looking to buy a drink when we see the bartender who is completely trashed (I mean, way more drunk than us at this point and we had already had 8 or 9 beers). She is taking photos with random guys on the side of the bar and isn’t even standing behind the bar to serve us… professional. I decided to “buy a duck” for a pick the duck like game, but then she didn’t even explain what was happening. After about 5 minutes we found out that someone has to buy the rest of the ducks in order for her to pick and the winner gets one of 3 lame prizes. This bar was a joke.

Paige basically just wanted to steal one of the prizes (a 12 pack of spotted cow) and walk out. And she did have a point, the bartender would have never even noticed. We didn’t though and the person who won the stupid pick a duck game had the number right next to mine, which just made me angry. In other words, we decided to get out of there before even buying a drink from the place. We stopped at her new boyfriend Sam’s house so she could pee before we headed to the campus bars. Of course he didn’t want to go out with us because he would prefer to sit alone at home watching the Chapelle show… pathetic!

We next went to Molly’s, which though it’s not the classiest of bars can be a good place to go depending on the night. We ended up buying one drink here and doing the Wobble when it came on (if you don’t know what that is… youtube it). As we were talking to Matt (a friend Paige knows because he’s dating a friend of her sisters) some girl tries to interrupt the conversation and hits Paige’s drink onto the ground. Really? Paige is ready to throw punches so it’s a good thing that Joey was there to step between the girls. Joey is the guy who I’ve sort of been spending the night at his house. Well not really… just the past weekend. He’s a friend of a friend who you will probably meet later. Needless to say I got Paige out of the bar before we got in a huge bar fight with this girl. What do we do? Go home? Of course not. We go to French. French is the bar where we end almost every night we go out in Oshkosh. We started this during those 3 months where we used to go out every day. Now we now a bartender working though… his name is Brad. Paige and I met Brad through another friend who I’m sure will come up later. Brad happens to be best friends with Sam (Paige’s boyfriend). We go sit down by Brad and start telling him the story from Molly’s and he decides to pour us a shot. I guess we are getting even more drunk at this bar… alright. Haha.

Paige and I decide to just shake for shots because if we have one, we might as well have a few. The only problem with this is that Brad kept making sure he lost and would just keep pouring us shots. I remember the first 4, but then not so much after that. The next thing I remember is when Joey and I were walking Paige home and she “didn’t need me to”… haha. I ended up spending the night at Joey’s, which was a horrible idea. Why do I always do this to myself? I’m perfectly happy (well I say that anyway) being single and then I get all attached to someone who doesn’t even care about me. This is just a repeat of the Kyle and Rob incidents (more on that later… basically me falling for a guy who could care less about me these days… sigh).

So yeah, that was my Friday night… the next morning Joey drove me to my car and I haven’t heard from him since. I drove home and showered to start my Saturday. Saturday was an interesting night to say the least… but you’ll have to wait until my next post to read about that one! Some spoilers: 5 year class reunion, ex that I still have a thing for, ex-roommate that doesn’t ever talk to me, and some family talk with my aunt, uncle, and little cousin.

The truth is, in life we will all have an unspeakable secret, an irreversible regret, an unreachable dream and an unforgettable love.

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